15 November 2014

Save the Piggy!

Our 1st game about puzzle game, this is demo for beta :3 (not yet fix). We will still develop this game.
We need feedback for this beta. This game is about the helping the pig called Piggy to reach ground, player just need destroy the box to make piggy go down.

We waiting for feedback

Play the game


  1. Thankz for the feedback, we will try to fix some glitch and the suggestion will be considered. :3

  2. I will wait for your next update :3.

  3. Bugs report :
    1. Sometimes the level will be repeated when winning.
    2. Life icon didn't update accordingly.

  4. Btw, I just realized something too. About your game's screenshot.
    You should give gameplay screenshot too. It gives picture to player of how's the inside of your game.

  5. lol, yah, i just realized too
    i think when i edit it, i click wrong picture :p
    thank you for inform

  6. Another bug found, when player died, the score didn't reset.

  7. too many bugs/glitch :p LoL
    bring it to to do list

  8. you're welcome :3.
    just don't forget again as they are very important xD.

  9. Btw, a suggestion again :3.
    If possible, to not allow duplicate persons in leaderboard :3.
    This gives other players chance to rank in your leaderboard other than the same person :3.