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18 January 2015

Minor Update
Tappy Radish has been updated and fixed some bugs
- Balancing pit between carrot
- Fix Collisions, Radish to ground and to carrot

> Play Tappy Radish Here <

08 January 2015

On Tappy Radish, Radish come back with his new playing set, JetPack. He get it when last holiday. He feel too boring because he can't meet his friends, then he decide to buy a playing set then try it to travel to somewhere. He arrive at someplace which he never know it before. There are many Big Carrot which grow up randomly.

Fly with Radish and avoid the Big Carrot, fly as far as you can..

02 December 2014

Space Cruiser : Survive on Space has been updated to v0.04
- change gameplay (minor update)

Even on this update just minor update, we try to fixed the length of Player's Health Bar

so keep watch the update on our blog..

23 November 2014

Now Radish want to playing with his pogo, but his workplace will make Christmas part, so he decide to collecting Candy Stick while playing pogo.

Let's play around with him and his pogo stick.
Help him to collect Candy Stick.

Jump as high as possible, and collect the candy as much as you can.
Show your High Score on Leader Board

Jump Radish, Jump

Let jump with him

22 November 2014

Radish Run a free running game (platformer), Radish is our Mascot and Logo.

On this game Radish just play around, because he feel so tired after a week of work. He want to travel with his skateboard.

"Radish Run" actually for #indiesvspewdiepie 'game jam'.

Let' make a trip and collect star with him..
be the furthest traveler and the most point collector..
Play Radish Run