20 November 2014

How to play Space Cruiser : Survive on Space

Control Movement: ASWD/Arrow key
Shooting : Left Click
Missile : Right Click

On v0.0.1 just 2 control given, move and shoot; but later we will add more control.
Ensure to always follow the update of Space Cruiser : Survive on Space

Version 0.0.2 adding control to launch missile, it is "Right Click".

On v.0.03 adding timer, how long you must survive.

Avoid enemu laser and enemy ship by pressing Arrow Key/ASWD, destroy the enemy sship before they destroy you, use Left Click to shoot your lasser, if you need more powerful shoot, try use Missile by Right Click.

When enemy down/destroyed, tey will drop item randomly:
  : Capsule > to Repair your ship

 : Red Star pack > to increase ship max Health Point

 : Gold Star > adding 500 to Score

 : Missile > reload your Missile

Good Luck!

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