If you wanna to do 'link exchange' with us, content of your web/blog must be :
  1. About Game Development, and at least have 1 (one) completed game, and that's yours.
  2. Resource of Game Development, can be Art/Graphic, Music/Sound, etc., as long as it is within the scope of Game Development.
  3. No obscene content / mature content.
  4. Not about private server, pirated Application/Software, and other illegal content.
When you think you have passed the things above, then copy one of code below to your web/blog and then do comment include your link which one have our link/banner.


 <a href="http://radish-dev.blogspot.com/"><img border="0" src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48214923/DuviDI/test/banner%20Radish-Dev.png" target="_blank"/></a>  


After you comment including link of your web/blog, we'll checking.
If passed, we'll adding link of your web/blog to ours,
If not, we'll comment on your web/blog about the reason of rejected.

Radish Dev

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